Friday, May 9, 2008

President Michael S. Garrison of UWV Should Resign

The Chronicle of Higher Education (paid access) reports that Governor Joe Manchin's (D-WV) daughter, Heather Bresch, has been busted for having received an MBA degree that she did not earn:

"At around the same time last October that officials of West Virginia University were awarding Heather M. Bresch, daughter of the state's governor, an executive M.B.A. that she had not earned, they were also considering her for appointment to at least two advisory committees whose primary role is to raise money for academic divisions of the university."

The Chronicle states that Ms. Bresch had a high profile on campus and had been treated, according to an independent report, in an "unusual and unique manner".

The story indicates that Ms. Bresch claimed an MBA in a promotion announcement and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette made inquiries. She had been put forward for the two campus committees soon after she received the improper MBA.

The Chronicle writes of President Garrison and Ms. Bresch:

"The two have long been acquainted. Mr. Garrison worked directly with Ms. Bresch a few years ago, when he was a lobbyist representing her company, Mylan Inc. Mr. Garrison also told the panel that Ms. Bresch had called his office several times on the first day that her degree credentials were called into question by the Post-Gazette."

The appearance of impropriety is sufficent to warrant a university president's resignation. As well, there should be inquiries as to whether West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin was aware of the situation. It would seem possible that he did. If so, there should be an investigation of his administration.

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