Thursday, May 22, 2008

Orenstein Reports Sighting of CUNY Faculty Meeting

Phil Orenstein has written an excellent article in Frontpagemag about his close encounter with a handful of fringe CUNY faculty. Professional Staff Congress officer "Sue" O'Malley, currently engaged in a McCarthyist law suit against the awe-inspiring Sharad Karkhanis, was in attendance. Orenstein does not mention whether the panelists were wearing white hoods and sheets. But he writes of this close encounter of the fourth kind:

"What I witnessed was a closed forum dedicated to a veiled radical agenda, riddled by hysterical paranoia, name-calling, slanderous accusations against prominent scholars and city officials, and strategies for their ouster, where the panelists professed that “attacks” against Arabs and professors are a coordinated right wing smear campaign launched by Daniel Pipes, CUNY trustee Jeffrey Wiesenfeld and their ilk, which they dubbed the “New McCarthyism.”

Read all about Orenstein's encounter with uncollegiality among extremist elements of CUNY's senior faculty here.

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