Friday, April 25, 2008

Man-Eating Progressive Zombies Run Wild in New York

The 2007 sci fi film I am Legend is a remake of two earlier films, The Omega Man (1971) and The Last Man on Earth (1964). According to Wikipedia, the films are based on Richard Matheson's novel, I Am Legend, which is about the last man in LA.

This movie is about the last man in New York, and I have been pondering the reason for the change of venue.
The reason is that the film is about progressivism, and New York offers a better venue to dissect progressivism than any other state. It was the home or birthplace of several of the founders of progressivism, to include Herbert Croly and Theodore Roosevelt, as well as their New Deal acolytes, to include as Al Smith, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Francis Perkins (Perkins was born in Boston but attended Columbia and subsequently made her career in New York before becoming Secretary of Labor under FDR).

I am Legend's plot is that a new treatment for cancer causes a virus that wipes out 90 percent of the the human race and turns the remaining 9% into a species of man-eating zombies. About one percent of the population is immune to the virus, but most of those who are immune (except for Robert Neville) have been eaten by the zombies. The story focuses on Robert Neville (Will Smith) who has remained in New York to attempt to find a cure for the virus. Unfortunately, his efforts have been unsuccessful. He is able to avoid the zombies but he is accidentally exposed, leading to a climactic battle between Smith, armed with an M-4 machine gun, and hundreds of zombies.

I am Legend is clearly a movie about progressive-liberalism. The experiment that killed the human race was federally funded. The zombies look suspiciously like New York's progressives.
Progressive-liberalism claims that the poor should eat the rich, but really aims for the rich to eat the poor. Somebody eats somebody. How many human beings have been murdered through socialist or left wing ideology? The zombies' hive pattern is clearly a reflection of progressivism.

Moreover, the left has long behaved as a mindless horde of zombies whose policies destroy all who do not fit its politically correct mold. The left aims to establish a zombie-like world where all disagreement is suppressed and all human instincts eradicated.
Smith is the lone conservative in a city of progressives who are trying to eat him alive. I know because I have lived in New York. What better example than Mayor Michael Bloomberg? Can you seriously argue that he is not a zombie?

While New York's population base exits almost as fast as depicted in I am Legend, this film fairly depicts progressive New York. At the end, a surviving character moves to Vermont. A zombie who looks suspiciously like Bernie Sanders awaits.

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