Saturday, March 22, 2008

Howard S. Katz's Portfolio Returns 20% in Two Weeks

I have been subscribing to Howard S. Katz's newsletter The One Handed Economist for about 3 years. Howard tracks what a "conservative" portfolio. He bases his analysis on Austrian economics as well as technical analysis. The portfolio tracks from 1999. During this period the major stock indexes have gone up and down but now are not much higher than in 1999. In contrast, by the first week of March 2008 Howard's conservative portfolio was up about 115% over the nine-year period. Howard's latest edition came out a few minutes ago. In the past two weeks his portfolio went up better than 20%. It was about 215 in early March when he called a top in precious metals. He moved into several construction stocks which brought the portfolio up to 260. Wow! This was the kind of thing that until now I had read about but not directly experienced. Yay Howard!

Read this doc on Scribd: katz conservative

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