Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Queen of Collegiality: Susan O'Malley Serves Legal Papers

Susan O'Malley, former faculty representative on the CUNY board of trustees, and officer of CUNY's extremely left wing and dysfunctional union, the Professional Staff Congress, has filed a law suit against Sharad Karkhanis, a Community College professor who has criticized her extensive no-teaching time and her political views. O'Malley, represented by Attorney Joseph Martin Carasso, is suing Karkhanis for $2 million dollars for:

"wrongful statements made and printed and or published by defendants and based on the causes of actions of libel, defamation, inflection of emotional distress, both intentional and negligent, violation of the right of privacy, and for a preliminary and permanent injunction prohibiting the defendants from making, printing, publishing and distributing wrongful statements regarding the plaintiff herein in the future, and such other and further relief that this Court finds just and equitable."

Although O'Malley was critical of Professor KC Johnson, claiming that he "lacked collegiality", O'Malley resorts to a law suit to resolve conflicts with Karkhanis.

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