Friday, July 6, 2007

Yvonne does it Again

A couple of years ago I wrote a letter to New York Magazine about Yvonne's restaurant on Route 28 past Phoenicia. I said then that dinner at Yvonne's is like a visit to your French grandmother's house, and if you're not French then you're in for a great treat. Yvonne retired two years ago and my wife and I were in mourning/withdrawal in '06, but behold, she reopened in '07 better than ever. The duck is amazing, but I often get the beef bourguignon, the steak, the cassoulet, the boar and several other dishes. Yvonne makes amazing cold cream of fruit soups (last week's was cream of peach) that never cease to blow me away.

On Saturday, rather than a July 4th barbecue, Sharad Karkahnis, Phil Orenstein, Raquel Lacomba Walker and I had dinner at Yvonne's. Personally, I had a blast. Let's hope for many more years!

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