Sunday, July 29, 2007

In New York, Even Traffic Decisions Tainted

What a Planet has blogged about a tainted decision to inconvenience tens of thousands of New Yorkers, visitors and commuters in order to benefit an alleged crony of MTA chief Peter Kalkow, namely Michael Buzzy O'Keefe who What a Planet believes owns the Water Club and the Pershing Square restaurant. The Pershing Square area is closed now because of the recent explosion (itself raising questions about the Mayor's competence).

But even when the damage from the explosion is repaired, there will continue to be major traffic problems that have gone on for years because of cronyism, according to What a Planet:

"Every Weekday: Pershing Square Plaza is open on the southbound lanes of Park Ave between East 41st St and East 42nd St on weekdays between the hours of 11 am and 10:30 pm (May) through October – weather permitting. The public seating promenade next to the Altria Building is open weekdays between 11 am and 3 pm for bag lunches, conversations, book reading, and sun worshipping. The outdoor cafĂ© is open for dining and drinks on weekdays between noon and 10:30 pm."--Grand Central Partnership

"Did you know this has been going on EVERY YEAR SINCE 1997?

"Have you seen this traffic farce, from about 11am to 10pm just about every day for just about half the year? Did you know the downtown entrance to Park Avenue on
42 street is blocked off from traffic so that the Pershing Square Restaurant can make boatloads of money serving cocktails to thousands?

"Sounds like fun!

"It's like a street fair or block party that goes on for 6 months!

"This is a MASSIVE traffic hazard. I have seen ambulances and police cars stuck in traffic many times.

"Who is Michael 'Buzzy' O'Keefe? I believe he is still the owner of Pershing Square Restaurant, and the Water Club, that's who.

"Is he a BIG BUDDY of Peter Kalikow, the former head of the MTA and Chairman of The Grand Central Partnership?..."

Massive traffic jams due to poor traffic planning are coupled with a major explosion due to mayoral and administrative indifference to infrastructure. Where is the supposed competence that the media claims for Mayor Bloomberg?


Little Blue PD said...


Little Blue PD said...

Mitchell, Sorry about that partial message. Thank you so much for linking to this traffic injustice. Hopefully more and more people will keep talking about it.

Traffic is so much better between October and May when Park Avenue is opened going South at 42nd street. Anybody looking can see the difference.