Monday, October 1, 2018

More on Kavanaugh Hearing

Tom Fitton on Fox Business News claims that an FBI investigation will be incapable of revealing additional information concerning Kavanaugh's 15-year-old spin-the-bottle activities.  Fitton characterizes Dianne Feinstein as corrupt because she withheld the allegations until right before the  vote or because she knows the allegations to be false and released them anyway.

The selective exaggeration of personal information about politicians with whom the Democrats disagree--no matter how dated or irrelevant--is about power, not about morality or concern about a youngster's sexual misdeeds. 

The issue here is that the Democrats do not want the Republicans to appoint a justice who abides by the written Constitution and does not favor the so-called "living Constitution," the penumbra theory of Griswold v. Connecticut.  The penumbra theory is dictatorial and places excessive power in the hands of the judiciary.

The Constitutional process for amendement requires ratification by three-fourths of the states. How much easier it is to subvert democracy in the interest of any policy that satisfies the Democrats' dictatorial whims.

The Democrats are a demagogic, slandering party that subverts the democratic change processes in the Constitution and favors a dictatorship by judges and the president--a dictatorship of 10 people out of more than 300 million.

The Romans reserved the role of dictator to war or crisis situations. The Democrats know no such limitation. They believe in permanent dictatorship, and they will slander anyone who threatens it. Republicans need to start thinking like Longinus, Albinus, and Brutus--sic semper tyrannis.

The American media's cooperation with the Democrats' dictatorial display is a disgrace, and it deserves little commentary.  The media is a lost cause.

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