Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It All Began with War of the Worlds

Back in 1938 Americans actually believed that Orson Welles's radio vérité Mercury Theater broadcast of The War of the Worlds was news and that Martians were in fact invading. My friend Mike Marnell suggests that this was all the proof the Establishment needed.  In any case, there seems to have been little change since the night when New Jersey farmers were pointing shot guns at the sky. Just as yesterday's Americans believed that Orson Welles was reporting the landing of Martians, today's Americans believe that The New York Times, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, MS-NBC, and Keith Olbermann report news. In fact, several of today's New York Times editors and Fox News announcers were minor characters in the broadcast. The New Jersey farmers' grandchildren listen to Rush Limbaugh or Chris Matthews, or read The New York Times, and hurl insults at the opposing party.

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