Friday, October 14, 2011

There Is No Lesser of Two Evils in The American Two-Party System: Both Stink

When the Democrats controlled the presidency and the Republicans controlled the Congress during the 1990s there was less impetus to socialism than when the Republicans controlled all three branches.  A split government means less growth in government and less corruption than a Republican government.  I totally disagree with President Obama's philosophy, but an Obama presidency and a Republican Congress is to be preferred to a Cain-or-Romney presidency and a Republican Congress.

There is no reason to believe that the Republican Party is the lesser of two evils. Government grew at a slower clip under Clinton than under Bush. George H. Bush signed Agenda 21, and George W. Bush signed the Patriot Act. George W. Bush oversaw a massive monetary inflation. The Bushes are good socialists and good globalists.  Romney and Cain are equivalent to Bush. They are in the Rockefeller Republican mold, that is, they out-Democrat the Democrats.

On the one hand, there is a Republican Party that has made repeated inroads on freedom and taken repeated steps toward socialism, to include the bailout, the housing bubble, the Federal Reserve Bank's stimulation of the economy during the Bush administration, and the Patriot Act. On the other hand there is a Democratic Party with similar aims.

There is no lesser evil in the two party system.  Wall Street and the Council on Foreign Relations dominate both parties. With  1500 Council members at the time, Reagan appointed 80 high level appointees who belonged to the Council.  The Council on Foreign Relations' publication, Foreign Affairs,  has for decades provided a steady drumbeat in favor of one world government and socialism.  The publication is not balanced and does not tolerate pro-American or libertarian views, nor does it tolerate views that are critical of communism. Yet, Reagan was eager to appoint its members to high level posts.

The widespread delusion that there is a difference between the two parties is a product of the Wall Street-financed media, to include Fox, Talk Radio, and the Democratic Party stations. Wall Street finances and controls them. They reflect the interests of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Federal Reserve Bank.The fantasy that there is a difference between the Republicans who appointed Greenspan and Bernanke and the Democrats who reappointed them is exactly what the Establishment wants--a deluded public.


Anonymous said...

-"The widespread delusion that there is a difference between the two parties is a product of the Wall Street-financed media, to include Fox, Talk Radio, and the Democratic Party stations."

Are you nuts?, or don't you Liston to talk radio at all and base your rant on what you read on the blogs and what you hear from liberal media?

Every talk show radio host trashes the GOP as much as they do the DEMS. Talk radio screams about the GOP being as bad if not worse than the DEMS. They scream the fact that the GOP party must be taken back from the Rinos who are destroying the GOP party. They dump on Bush as much as they do Obama. They are the only true conservative voice out there. If not for the talk show radio hosts, this country would already be a socialist 3rd world country. Talk radio has 90 million conservatives in their audience. You should praise talk radio not insult it. Get your head out of your ass and do some research before you degrade people you do NOT Liston to. You are as bad as CNN spreading lies about things you know not of.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Dear Anonymous: See

I listen to Sean Hannity on occasion, and my remark was targeted at him. Have you heard Rush Limbaugh advocate elimination of the Federal Reserve Bank or attack Agenda 21? If so, I withdraw that comment.

Primarily, I based my comment on the hard reality that most of Talk Radio's listeners are backing Cain and Romney (or other candidates who don't discuss the key issues, the Fed and environmental extremism). That is obvious because of the polling numbers: Gingrich is getting 10%, Romney and Cain 23%, and Ron Paul 5%. Gary Johnson is getting even less. If Talk Radio was doing an effective job, then there would be better numbers for pro-freedom candidates.