Thursday, October 13, 2011

Romney or Cain: the GOP Goes Down in Flames

Among those who follow the Ron Paul campaign, the legacy media's ongoing distortions are a running comedy.  Jon Stewart satirized them in the video below.  Paul's Republican support has been as high as 10% but now, according to a recent Rasmussen poll, has fallen to 5%.  The Wall Street Journal covers the  poll in today's (Thursday, October 13th's) issue.  The Journal excludes Paul from coverage by limiting its front page graph to the four frontrunners, one of whom, Newt Gingrich, has roughly the same level of support that Paul had in previous weeks when the mass media omitted him.

If Romney, Cain, or Gingrich is the Republican presidential nominee he will lose because the Paul vote will not go to him.  We have had enough of the corporatist socialism of the Rockefeller Republicans. 

The reason for the skewness in The Wall Street Journal's and Fox's Paul coverage is that their owner, Rupert Murdoch, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, which has tended to advocate one world government, big government, and the enviro-fascism in UN Agenda 21,   which George H. Bush signed.  The Council on Foreign Relations, founded in the early 1920s to further corporatist aims and associated with  David Rockefeller since 1949,  is a bulwark of support for the Federal Reserve Bank, the recent Wall Street bailouts, and the century-long socialist trend initiated under the Theodore Roosevelt administration.   In fact, it was Theodore Roosevelt's Wall Street-financed third party candidacy that led to Bernard Baruch's protege, Woodrow Wilson, being elected over William Howard Taft, who opposed a Federal Reserve Bank.  Wilson appointed Samuel P. Bush governor of the first Federal Reserve bank board.  Samuel P. Bush was George W. Bush's great grandfather.  The socialist- corporatist musical chairs has gone on ad nauseum.

Since the Progressive era, the Council on Foreign Relations has repeatedly advocated and pushed through one foreign policy fiasco after the next, all of which have contributed to the weakening of American economic dynamism, the flattening of real hourly wage growth, and ever-increasing incursions on economic freedom and civil liberties that have culminated in the Patriot Act and the recent bailouts.

Cain is a former Federal Reserve Bank officer; as an employee of Bain Capital Management, a private equity firm, Romney is also intimately linked to Wall Street.  Gingrich's reputation precedes him.   Only foolishness or ignorance would motivate someone who believes in freedom to vote for Romney, Cain, or Gingrich.  All three are ideologically similar to Barack Obama, and all three answer to the same Rockefeller-led banking interests.

Enough Republicans are fed up  to bolt so that more of the same will fail. I certainly am.  In 2004, I did vote for George Bush, whose family has had intimate ties to the Council on Foreign Relations for three generations. Bernard Baruch personally asked Samuel P. Bush to serve on the War Industries Board before Wilson appointed him to the Fed Board of Governors.

Dumber than dumb, in 2008 I contributed to Wall Street-bailout-supporting John McCain. Today,  I have made my first contribution to the Libertarian Party. Absent a victory by Gary Johnson or Ron Paul, I will give more.


Anonymous said...

Do you really believe that not voting for the lesser evil will somehow change the system?

Are you British? Do you believe that it is better to lose all heroically than obtain a slight victory?

Does even one person in this country think of John Anderson on any given day?

Mitchell Langbert said...

When the Democrats controlled the presidency and the Republicans controlled the Congress there was much less impetus to socialism than when the Republicans controlled all three branches as in the early millennial decade. A split government means less growth in government and less corruption than a Republican government.

There is little reason to believe that the Republican Party is the lesser of two evils. Government grew at a slower clip under Clinton than under Bush. George H. Bush signed Agenda 21, and George W. Bush signed the Patriot Act. W. oversaw a massive monetary inflation. The Bushes are good socialists.

On the one hand, there is a Republican Party that has made repeated inroads on freedom and taken repeated steps toward socialism, to include the bailout, the housing bubble, the Federal Reserve Bank's stimulation of the economy during the Bush administration, and the Patriot Act. And on the other there is a Democratic Party with similar aims.

There is no lesser evil in the two party system. Both parties are dominated by Wall Street and both parties have allowed their administrations to be dominated by appointees from the Council on Foreign Relations. With 1500 members at the time, Reagan appointed 80 high level appointees who belong to the Council.

Your belief that there is a difference is a product of the Wall Street-financed media, to include Fox, Talk Radio, and the Democratic stations. They are all financed by the same people, and they all reflect the interests of the same people. Your belief that there is a difference is exactly what the Establishment wants--a deluded, misinformed public.

Phil Orenstein said...

There’s a great deal of truth here, but if Paul supporters sit this election out, it’s suicide. Many conservatives sat it out in 2008 instead of voting for McCain and look what we got. Goldman Sachs gave Obama four times more than they gave McCain and now they and their Wall Street cronies control larger parts of the federal gov’t under Obama. Our country cannot sustain another 4 years of Obama. In the past 3 years we saw the passage of Obamacare, Dodd Frank, deficit spending 3x that of Bush, Wall St and automaker bailouts, appointment of dozens of unelected Czars, hostile treatment of Israel, invasion of Libya w/o congressional approval and today’s invasion of 4 African nations, economic malaise, Carteresque stagnation and pc tyranny spreading throughout the nation. But Obama’s deep rooted radicalism will not be revealed until a second term. He has been fooling Jewish voters with his friendship overtures to Israel lately. But if he is elected we can anticipate that he will quickly push for a Palestinian State, pack the Supreme Court as did FDR, declare a nat’l state of emergency and marshal troops domestically, open the borders and grant Amnesty to all illegals, and the list goes on ad nauseum. This is the time to find common ground and unite to oust Obama. Anything else is foolhardy. In the Bob Turner special election many Democrats were fed up enough, not to vote for Turner, but to vote against Obama. That's a good omen for 2012. Republicans also have to take a Senate majority of 60 in 2012 in order to repeal Obamacare.

Mitchell Langbert said...

The Republicans will need to find a viable candidate who is the lesser of two evils, unlike Mitt Romney and Herman Cain, who are just as evil as Obama. Bush did a lot of crazy things, just like Obama.

A Republican Congress will stop Obama from doing more harm. A Democratic president will stop the Republicans from doing the harm that Bush did. Of course, both parties are complicit in the $18 trillion bailout of Wall Street, the largest welfare payment in world history.

Do I think Obama is capable of setting up concentration camps? Yes. Do I think the likes of Cain and Romney are? Yes as well.