Saturday, April 2, 2011

Newsmax Is a Trojan Horse

Yesterday I happened upon a Republican presidential straw poll sponsored by Newsmax. The poll is actually a ruse to get you to subscribe, which tips me off as to the kind of character the people who run Newsmax have. I answered the preliminary questions, but when I got to the straw poll I noticed something very odd. There was a long list of GOP hopefuls, of some of whom I've never heard, but no Ron Paul.

Might we conclude that Newsmax is owned by the same kinds of interests that own CBS (Sumner Redstone), NBC (GE), ABC (Warren Buffett), the New York Times (Arthur Ochs Sulzberger) and Fox (Rupert Murdoch)?


Anonymous said...

Aren't they all.

Anonymous said...

On the nose.

Murdoch even proclaimed Obama as a ROCK STAR; with predictable results at Fox News.