Friday, December 12, 2008

Andy Martin Calls It "Obamagate"!

I just received the following e-mail from Andy Martin.

>Obama author Andy Martin believes "Blagogate" may be morphing into "Obamagate," as Obama's evasiveness takes a toll on him

>Obama may not be guilty in Blagogate, but he is acting guilty. His evasiveness is significant. The obvious evasiveness of Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod is highly significant. This is the way Watergate began.

>I first walked into the federal courthouse in Chicago forty years ago. After spending forty years in a building on and off, you learn a lot about the place, and the people who work there. Something stinks in Blagogate, and that odor is now morphing into Obamagate.

>Obama said Thursday he needs a "few days" to compile a list of contacts. A few days? He sure isn't taking the arrest of the governor seriously, or acting expeditiously. His response time reflects a leisurely attitude to getting the facts out. It also reflects deliberate evasiveness. I read Lynn Sweet's comments today from Boston, and David Axelrod apparently refused to provide the date when he last spoke to Blagojevich,,CST-NWS-sweet12.article Why couldn't he give a simple, straight answer?

>Rahm Emanuel was attending a children's concert when Obama was announcing his HEALTH team. HEALTH team. Emanuel took a walk, and stonewalled.

>The cover story that Valerie Jarrett was never interested in the senate seat is hogwash. Can you image how powerful her role could be if she was sitting inside the senate caucus as an Obama intimate? She may not have had a burning desire to be a U. S. Senator, but to say no one was interested in seeing her appointed to Obama's vacant and unused seat is blarney.

>On and on it goes.

>Let me tell you straight up where I am heading. I think Obama has a "Deep throat" in the U. S. Attorney's Office. It could be Fitzgerald, but probably not. Rather, someone close to Fitzgerald is the mole.

>Governor Blagojevich's behavior is certainly loathsome and possibly criminal. But that is no excuse for the lynch mob circling his office. Blago is not going quietly into the night. There will be dog fighting of legendary proportions. And slowly, but inexorably, Obama is being sucked into conflict. Obamagate is rising from the ashes of Blagogate.

>By inauguration day, Obama could be bleeding. He could be politically dead before he even takes the oath of office. Obama, after all, is a man of "confidence," not substance. He has created public "confidence" that he will do something. But what? Public confidence can erode in an instant, as it did for Blagojevich.

>All we have seen to date is edited and thus self-serving government versions of tapes that raise serious doubts among lawyers. I was the first to question the strength of the federal case; others are following me.,0,7874931.story

> usually leads, and we are on the cutting edge of this story.

>I had a feeling during the Tony Rezko trial that the U. S. Attorney's office was protecting Obama. The criminal case against Barack Obama concerning the Rezko land deal for the purchase of Obama's mansion was a good deal stronger than the criminal case against Governor Blagojevich involving the "sale" of Obama's senate seat. But the prosecutors walked away from a strong Rezko-Obama charge, while they are now trying to pump up a weak Blagojevich crime. Who did it, and why?

>Likewise, Obama was tipped to the Blagojevich situation some time in November. Not every one was in on the tip. Obama kept the information close to his chest. There was also an unseemly haste on Tuesday to absolve the Obama campaign of any wrongdoing. Deep throat, can you hear me?

>Finally, anyone following Blagogate would be a fool to believe that Blago has no evidence to support his defense or to undermine the government's case against him.

>What has happened this week in Chicago, under the auspices of federal prosecutors and Barack Obama, is nothing less than an attempted coup. The FBI released "edited" tapes. Blago was not allowed to present a defense. And a chorus of media goons starting demanding an immediate resignation. This was a de facto coup. And it may have failed. It may have backfired.

>Rather than Blago shaking down Obama, the facts may ultimately show that when Blago stood in Obama's way, however wrongly, Obama used his juice inside the federal government to remove Obama forcibly. I have always felt that Obama has dictatorial inclinations. We may have seen the first installment this week in Chicago.

>Go back and look at the 1969 film "Z" by the director Costa-Gavras. What first appears to be a mistaken killing turns out on closer inspection to be an attempted coup. Or, go see the new movie "Doubt" this weekend. Both films deal with the distortions of reality which can take place when all the facts are not known.

>Obamagate? You heard it here first.

>After forty years in the U. S. Courthouse I can hear the ghosts. You see and learn a lot in 40 years. And what I have seen tells me something is terribly wrong with Blagojevich's arrest. What's wrong with Blagogate is Obamagate.


Anonymous said...

The problem is Obama is worse than Blago. Obama's quid pro quo is evident and documented in every move he makes. Including Valerie Jarretts position.

Obama just has people to block discovery of his thug tactics.

Anonymous said...

I think Andy has a lot of guts, but is there anyone who promotes himself better than his self-aggrandizing press releases?

I wish he would knock that off and just give specifics. He blows people away and they think he is doing this for his own self promotion and monetary gain.

But I am grateful to him for all his hard work regardless of where it leads.