Sunday, September 21, 2008

The US Economy and A Thousand Media Clowns

Riyaz writes:

>I have been reading your blog occasionally since after our MO classes and have a comment/question on your latest posting.

> While I agree with you that the magnitude of the intervention the department of treasury & the fed are making is preposterous, what in your view could salvage the economy?

> Thanks, Riyaz

A former student from my management class, Riyaz, raised the above point. I noticed that, as well, several bloggers on conservative blog impresario Larwyn's mailing list have been doing intellectual somersaults trying to justify the Bush bailouts. As well, I have stopped watching Fox News most of the time because it is just one more source of Progressive, pro-Bush-socialism double talk, and I doubt that they will feature serious debate about the bailouts. American politics has devolved into a hydra-headed Progressive serpant, with one head of Bush Whig Progressives on Fox and the rest of the heads Roosevelt socialist Progressives on MS-NBC, CNN, etc. But make no mistake. They are all heads that speak the language of Progressivism, including Fox.

There is no economic crisis. It is just Progressive media hype. Firms go bankrupt all of the time. In a healthy economy, which New York City's is not, there is sufficient freedom for new firms to form. AIG can go bankrupt and it will not hurt the economy. Lehman brothers can go bankrupt and it will not matter. John Doe from Oshkosh can come to New York and found Doe Brothers. Of course, if you have a socialist economy like New York's then the economy will be sick, but it's not because of AIG, and the rest of the country should not pay.

The tragedy is that many intelligent people buy the double talk that Progressive news sources, including Fox, the other networks and the newspapers publish. The next time that you watch the announcers on television, remember this. They should be wearing clown costumes. They should be sporting bulbous red noses, frizzy red hair and polka dots. Everything they say has the intellectual weight of a a thousand media clowns streaming from a Volkswagen.

It breaks my heart to read conservatives writing seriously about the Progressive media's clownish mimicry of "news". Cashing bloated welfare checks, Wall Street snickers at Fox's audience.

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