Sunday, August 19, 2007

Golin v. Allenby*: Santa Clara Judges Play Football with Nancy Golin

The case of Golin v. Allenby has reached a crossroads. All of the judges of Santa Clara have recused themselves from Jeffrey Golin's case involving his autistic daughter. A court order issued earlier this month reads:

"Plaintiffs have named as a defendant My-le Jacqueline Duong, who on July 23, 2007 was sworn as judge of this Court necessitating the recusal of all judges of the Superior Court of the County of Santa Clara."

Jeffrey Golin is suing the County of Santa Clara for kidnapping his daughter, mistakenly and falsely accusing him and his wife of abusing her. The County of Santa Clara put poor Nancy into a public adult care facility where she has been seriously harmed and possibly beaten and raped. As I have previously blogged, Golin v. Allenby suggests the foolhardiness of any move toward public sector health care and, as well, the ongoing corruption in our court system.

Jeffrey Golin writes:

"On Thursday I found the (above) order in my mailbox. It says that all the judges in Santa Clara County are recusing themselves from this case. The order states that the move is "necessitated" by the swearing-in of one of the defendants from the DA's office as a new judge. I'm not quite sure why this is, but after recusing themselves they unrecused themselves long enough to appoint a private judge from another county to preside over our case in the same courthouse...My sources tell me this happens when the case is so unpopular with the judges that no judge wants to be seen as ruling on it because it is a sympathetic case, so they get one of these private judges who have no accountability to do their dirty work. As one of my lawyer friends, who is an activist for judicial reform says, what are they going to do if they cite someone like this, tell them that now you are REALLY retired,because they are retired already. As set right now this guy is supposed to hear the demurrers and motions to strike and "anti-SLAPP" motions against us this Friday."

*Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara Case No. 1-07-CV-082823

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