Friday, October 12, 2012

The "Lesser of Two Evils" Strategy Has Failed

I’ve heard the phrase “lesser of two evils” since childhood.  The lesser evil is increasingly evil.  The strategy has failed.  The evil gets more and more extreme, not the other way around.  The claim of Fox and many Americans that compromise between the two parties results in moderation is false.  The more extreme party pulls the debate toward totalitarianism, and the less extreme party follows, with the unhappy median moving incrementally toward totalitarianism each year.  The difference that is split becomes more extreme. By thinking in terms of “the lesser of two evils” you participate in the totalitarian trend.  It makes no sense to vote for a candidate because more people have heard of him when the media is totalitarian owned and doesn’t support anti-totalitarian views.  I include Fox. Romney is light years more totalitarian than the Republican candidates of my generation; the media, including Fox, is to blame.   

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