Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Three Categories of Romney Voters

It looks like Romney will be the GOP's nominee.  True, Rasmussen finds that Romney outpolls Obama in a two-way race; nevertheless, the assumption of a two-way race is tenuous. A third party candidate can found a pro-freedom party. 

There are three categories of GOP voters who should be ebullient about Romney's now near-certain nomination:

(1) Bailout recipients.  Those on Wall Street and in large commercial banks need a reliable crony capitalist in the White House. Romney and Obama are their men.

(2) Other special interest beneficiaries. Those who benefit from fascist and socialist redistribution should be happy with Romney.  The architect of the Obama health care bill will change little of the Democrats' welfare and other special interest programs. Wasteful military spending will continue unabated.  Large businesses and government bureaucrats ought to be happy too. So should teachers' unions and builders of bridges to nowhere.   

(3) Chumps.  People who watch Fox news, who find their standard of living stagnating, who stand to lose everything from a currency collapse, who do not gain from America's socialist way of life, and who still vote for Romney are chumps.  They lack the self-confidence to think for themselves; they  allow Wall Street-controlled media to tell them what to think.  They believe that they are voting for the lesser of two evils, but there is only one evil--and they are for it.

Romney and Obama are immoderate candidates. They are big government extremists.  That there is little difference between them does not make their ideas moderate. There was little difference between Trotsky and Stalin. That didn't make either moderate. A candidate who advocates that crooked government bureaucrats loot 40% or 50% of the American economy and borrow 100% is not moderate. But that is the position of both Robama and Oromney.

Because the two party system has failed and does not present meaningful choice, Americans who are eager to avoid a final currency collapse might consider voting for a third party. One that is not mentioned on Fox or on talk radio.  This might be Ron Paul or it might be Gary Johnson.  It is more important at this point to build a new party than it is to elect one or another representative of a collapsing paper aristocracy.


Anonymous said...

How will the great Dr. Langbert vote?

Mitchell Langbert said...

The great Dr. Langbert has two great options. First, Governor Gary Johnson, who is a more capable administrator than Obama and Romney, and a better businessman than Romney (he did not rely on Fed-induced stock market growth to make a career--he built a business from scratch) likely will run on the Libertarian Party ticket. Johnson's track record as governor of New Mexico suggests that he would be a better president than Romney and Obama combined.

Second, if Ron Paul runs there could be a massive protest vote. I have heard that 70% of registered Republicans don't like Romney.

There will be choices. Hopefully, we can bring the current system down.