Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ron Paul Runs Second on April 24

I picked these numbers up from Google at around midnight on election night.  Ninety-eight percent or more of the results were in.  I computed the simple, unweighted mean (so that New York's results counted the same as Rhode Island's).   Romney won with 61.4% while Paul came in second with 15.4%, and Gingrich came in third with 13.4%.  I turned on Fox Business News for 10 minutes and they were talking about Gingrich and Santorum. They didn't mention Paul. 

In fact, Paul's supporters can sway the presidential election either way, which is why Paul should run as a third party candidate.   I'm not sure whether his running would hurt Obama or Romney more.  It is difficult to know which party is more oriented toward freedom: the socialist Democrats or the fascist Republicans.   One thing that is easy to know: both parties will support Goldman Sachs and both parties will do harm to your personal and economic freedoms.

Connecticut:  Romney 67.4% Paul 13.5% Gingrich 10.3% Santorum 6.9%
Delaware: Romney 56.5% Gingrich 27.1% Paul 10.6% Santorum 5.9%
New York: Romney 62.2% Paul 15.8% Gingrich 13.0% Santorum 9.0%  
Pennsylvania:  Romney 57.9% Santorum 18.4% Paul 13.2% Gingrich 10.5%
Rhode Island: Romney 63.2% Paul 23.9% Gingrich 6.1% Santorum 5.7%
Non-weighted Mean: Romney 61.4% Paul 15.4%   Gingrich 13.4% Santorum 9.2%  

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