Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Arizona CBS Affiliate Questions the Certificate

The Democrats' best defense of Obama is that Bush left him a mess. Obama's had four years to clean up the mess.  The obvious response: Why bother to vote if a president can't fix the last president's mess?  A Libertarian Party candidate will fix the mess, but the two-party system never will.

Obama's mess now is much bigger than Bush's because monetary reserves have mushroomed and  uncertainty in the economy is infinitely larger than ever before in history. I have been telling my students that careers are crap--they should borrow and invest in commodities and real estate because American wage earners are going to be paid in Weimar Deutsche marks.  In 1923, the Weimar Republic oversaw a famous hyperinflation.  America already has engaged in hyperinflation, but we have not felt the effects because dollar holders around the world are subsidizing us. When the dollar collapses because it is, after all, a barbaric relic, life is going to be hard for wage earners.  Even if there is no inflation on paper yet, wealth is being transferred to Wall Street, banking, and real estate interests via monetary creation.  Wage earners have not received a raise since 1970. The economy has been crap for 40 years. Careers have been crap for 40 years unless you work in one of the inflation-privileged industries--especially Wall Street and real estate.  Ultimately, there will be major dislocation. It can be in one year, five years, or ten years. 

Perhaps because Americans can't figure out that both parties are responsible for America's economic demise, and the two-party system is going to destroy their economic futures, the birth certificate issue pops up once again (H/t Sharad Karkhanis).  Not that it's not a legitimate issue--it just isn't that important compared to the hard money revolution.  Just as Obama has failed to resolve the Bush mess, and has made it worse, his unwillingness to come clean  about his birth certificate continues to embarrass him despite the supportive lie machines at The New York Times and the legacy networks, including Fox. Obama's response is to call the Arizona district attorney a side-show barker.  Is that the kind of response we would expect from a guy with a clean conscience,  or is it the response of a psychopathic liar?

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