Monday, October 10, 2011

Freeing the Executive Branch from the Council on Foreign Relations

The Council on Foreign Relations has over 4,000 members, including some of the leading Wall Street tycoons, business executives, academics, and media figures.  The  CFR's track record is dismal. There is a linear relationship between presidential administrations' foreign policy failures and the extent of CFR participation in their leadership.  All presidential administrations since 1920 have appointed a large number of CFR members to high level posts.  CFR members are responsible for the Vietnam and Korean Wars and for virtually every foreign policy failure of the past 90 years.  Even the Reagan administration included over 80 CFR members. CFR appointments dominate both Republican and Democratic administrations.

CFR has been influential in the news media, which explains why the media has consistently advocated globalist, big government candidates who advocate self-destructive policies that are overly aggressive in general (700 military bases around the world) but passive when defensive force in favor of America's interests is needed.  Rupert Murdoch is a CFR member as is former Fox News president Joseph Peyronnin, currently president of Telemundo.  Fox and Fox News have in recent years employed at least eight CFR members:

Mansoor Ijaz
Morton Kondracke
Robert A. Snow
Linda J. Vester
Rupert Murdoch
Joseph Peyronnin
Vradenburg, George
Paula A. Zahn

It is time that the incompetence and mismanagement of American foreign policy was brought to an end. An organization with fewer than 5,000 members in a country with more than 300 million people should have one sixth of one chance in 10,000 for a federal appointment. The small group in CFR has dominated high level foreign policy appointments. 

I am making it a condition of my supporting any presidential candidate that he be committed to not appointing any member of the Council on Foreign Relations to any executive or leadership post. Otherwise, I am voting Libertarian.


David Lee O'Connor said...

I have been mailing , faxing and e-mailing for over 4 years every print,radio and tv personaity I had the address to to show who belonged to the CFR, Fed Reserve and the Tri-Lateral commission.I have over 400 addresses and you are the first I have heard speak about it. Ingram,Beck, Rush , Orielly just to name a few. I called their program and got disconnected when I told them what I wanted to talk about.Thank you for bringing this out. If you want the whole list of all, please go to Citizens For Fair And Clean Government. NOTE: The CFR. and The Tri-Lateral Commission were both founded by Sen. David Rockefeller. I have the proof on my web site. There are only 2 GOP Candidates not belonging to any of these org's. Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Thanks for you input. I'll take a look at your site.

Legacy media like Limbaugh, Beck et al. are employed by the same firms whose owners belong to the CFR and TC, so they are not going to criticize anything they do. Much of the delusional American response to the depredations of the Fed and Wall Street are due to emotional manipulation over foreign policy. I myself am a recovering foreign-policy-aholic.

Incidentally, David Rockefeller was president of Chase Manhattan Bank, not a Senator. Many of the policies of CFR benefit now JPM-Chase and other of the Rockefellers' financial interests directly.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Also, a great book on this subject is James Perloff's "Shadows of Power."