Saturday, June 4, 2011

German First: Progressives Should Speak German

I have supported English First as did my mother, who worked as a teacher and social worker in Spanish Harlem and a volunteer at the Henry Street Settlement in lower Manhattan. Requiring immigrants to learn English  supports them. Multilingualism attacks their chances. That said, I don't think that English is the appropriate language for much of America. English is the language of John Locke, Adam Smith, Samuel Adams and Thomas Jefferson.  It is the language of freedom.  It is not the language of Humboldt, Fichte, Bismarck and Hitler.  It is not the language of Progressivism. Things would have been so much clearer had Theodore Roosevelt spoken German. The exceptions, of course, Hayek and von Mises, prove the rule. They both ended up in the US and England speaking English. The ideas of Humboldt, Fichte and Bismarck led directly both to the ideology of Progressivism, in which many Americans believe, and to Hitler.

Progressives should drop pretense.  Advocates of Progressivism, like Fox's O'Reilly, should confront their beliefs and give credit where it is due. They should speak, write and broadcast in German, because they believe in Bismarck's system and welcome the national socialist outcome of that system. O'Reilly would sound so much better in German.  Likewise, The New York Times, The New Republic, and The Atlantic.

I have always enjoyed learning the German language--I never became fluent but puzzling out where the verb goes fascinates me.  If American Progressives were to speak the language in which their ideas were formed, we would have an additional reason to separate the nation into Progressive and American spheres.

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