Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bill O'Reilly's Beknuckleheaded Television

A friend convinced me to watch Judge Andrew Napolitano's Fox Business News (FBN) TV show, and I was delighted.  I left FBN on while I was doing something else and thought that the following shows, Neil Cavuto and John Stossel, were excellent. Stossel had a very good segment with beknuckleheaded* Fox TV host Bill O'Reilly.  I must criticize FBN on this. Several of them had other Fox hosts as guests.  Don't we see enough of knuckleheads like O'Reilly on his own show? Actually, I never watch O'Reilly, so happily I don't see him at all, which is why I turned on FBN in the first place.  But what is this, The Terminator?  I turn off Fox, but when I turn on FBN O'Reilly resurrects?

Let me clue FBN in.  The Ludwig von Mises Institute lists 50 Austrian economists. Have one on a night. It is located at Auburn University.  The Ludwig von Mises guys have been courageously putting up with the crap in academia for their entire careers, and guys like Napolitano might consider giving them some support, instead of inviting on people like O'Reilly, who have nothing to say and have had thousands of evenings in which to to say it and millions of mentally underdeveloped viewers to listen to it.

*Yes, this is a neologism. That is, I made up the word. But it fits O'Reilly so well.

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