Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fox News Analysts Swing from Jungle Gym while Fed Explodes Money Supply

I watched Fox's chattering primates for the first and last time for the next 12 months.  Maybe I will send them some bananas because they have the intellects of chimpanzees.  I think O'Reilly should install a jungle gym on his show so that he and his colleagues can swing around while eating bananas.  That would be more interesting than their political opinions.

Having turned off the din of Fox's zoological park  I could reflect on the most important event of today, the Federal Reserve Bank Open Market Committee meeting that will conclude tomorrow. There has been considerable speculation that the Fed will further expand the already massively expanded monetary base.  If you have any doubt that there will be a renewed round of speculation, misallocation of the nation's wealth and economic decline, just check your mailbox. I have been getting a mailbox full of credit offers. My credit is good, so I am among the first to get them. You will get yours soon too if you haven't already.  Get ready for another roller coaster ride as George Soros, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates pocket another slice of Americans' wealth.

The stock market will be in bull mode once again as will commodities.  Real estate will be propped as well.  Average Americans will subsidize those with assets, as they have for the past four decades.  America's left wingers, the Nancy Pelosis, Barack Obamas and Barbara Boxers, will be pleased as their portfolios escalate.  Hang on to your hats.

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