Friday, August 27, 2010

A+ Candidate Carl Paladino Takes Public Stand Against Eminent Domain

I had the opportunity to question Carl Paladino concerning the issue of eminent domain in front of the candidates' dinner of the Ulster County Republican Committee.  Mr. Paladino went on record stating that he opposes private use eminent domain.  He also said that he opposes the Ground Zero Mosque and that he would use any means necessary to prevent its construction.  He allowed me to ask a follow up question, which was "so I understand you to be saying that you would like to see less eminent domain than currently." He agreed that he would like to see less eminent domain and that eminent domain in principle conflicts with his platform and outlook.  Overall, Mr. Paladino's answer satisfied my concerns in this regard.  I consider him to be an A+ candidate, far superior to either Cuomo or Lazio.  A Paladino victory in September will send a loud message to the entrenched Republican establishment both in New York State and nationally.

Crusading Lincoln Eagle publisher Mike Marnell and gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino

Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino addresses Ulster County Republican Committee

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Pam O'Dell said...

I was there, and I agree. An all round A+ candidate.