Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fred Barnes on Obama

The last time I watched Fox other than on election night was in 2008 when Fred Barnes was voicing his support for the Paulson-Bush bailout of Paulson's former employer, Goldman Sachs.  President Obama and the Fed carried it forward and upped the benefits.  The other day someone forwarded me Barnes's article in the June 7 Wall Street Journal.  He offers some interesting statistics and then moves forward with a neo-conservative Obama apologetic.  He writes:

"Let's assume Mr. Obama recognizes that the fiscal and economic peril facing the country because of trillion dollar deficits is a problem for him...Mrs. Pelosi won't be any help. She's committed to enacting the Democratic Party's entire liberal agenda...When the president flirted with scaling back his health-care bill last January, Ms. Pelosi stiffened his spine, and the bill passed...As long as she is House speaker, bucking her would be painful, especially if Mr. Obama proposes to eliminate a chunk of the spending she was instrumental in passing.."

So, concludes Barnes, if the Republicans take Congress then Obama can "make his long-awaited pivot to the center."

Fred Barnes puts on chapstick whenever he sees an investment banker and whenever he sees a chance for power for himself and his neo-conservatives friends. If you think about it, what he's saying is funny.  Obama a moderate?  Socialist Wall Street backed him 2 to 1. He spent his life hanging around with ACORN, Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers.  Suddenly, according Barnes, Obama is eager to move to the center?  The guy who oversaw a ten percent jump in government as a percentage of GDP before the passage of the health care bill? Does Barnes's expect anyone to believe that Pelosi forced Obama to spend and pass the health care bill?

Barnes's argument illustrates why Fox News and other Wall Street linked media sources are not worth the time of day.  Read them and expect a socialist, pro-Wall Street spin.   If the Republicans want to play footsie with a left wing extremist like Obama, the two party system has lost interest for me.

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