Sunday, May 30, 2010

Doris Ventres Supports US Troops

Rick has forwarded Laura Ingle's Fox News article about Doris Ventres who hand writes letters to our troops overseas:

"Mrs. V" as she's known, has been hand writing letters to U.S. soldiers from Ridgefield serving overseas for 42 years. This 82-year old 8th generation Ridgefielder was inspired to start her letter writing campaign one day while walking out of her local church. She explains, "I saw this nice plaque, a beautiful bronze plaque, in memory of two of the boys that had been killed at war. In fact, I went to school with one of them - and I thought - you know, why can't we do something about it before they are gone?"

Ms. Ventres' dedication to her country is admirable. Ms. Ingles notes in the article:

"Doris tells me that she hopes her story will inspire others to pick up a pen and paper and write to our men and women serving overseas."

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