Friday, April 23, 2010

Is It Worthwhile to Debunk the New York Times Turkey Farm?

I have just had an e-mail exchange with Robert Romano, head of Americans for Limited Government. Mr. Romano had sent around an e-mail saying that his anti-New York Times website had debunked one of the many nonsensical "news" reports on the Democratic Party lie-sheet:
ALG's TimesCheck Blasts Lack of Times Coverage
on Union Disclosure and ACORN
>April 23rd, 2010, Fairfax, VA—Americans for Limited Government's today released an analysis on the lack of New York Times coverage of union disclosure requirements that are credited with exposing corruption at ACORN.
"ACORN's close financial and political ties to organized labor were exposed last year thanks in large part to disclosure requirements that were instituted under former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao," said Editor Kevin Mooney....

My response to Mr. Romano was this:

>Please avoid giving coverge to the New York Times. Conservatives should not be paying attention to or reading them. By doing so you support them. If all conservatives drop them, they could well go under.  They are not a newspaper. Who cares what the Democratic media says?

Mr. Romano's response was as follows: 
Mr. Langbert:

Thank you for the suggestion that we should ignore the New York Times in its entirety.  Unfortunately the NYT is a primary news generator for the entire mainstream media, and we feel that it is important to expose their bias for the record on issues of concern to America. does not drive market share for them, but instead provides honest journalists, bloggers, radio hosts and most importantly, community leaders, the information that they need to successfully deconstruct the arguments of your neighbors who are impacted by the main stream media.

It is our hope that this service never encourages anyone to spend resources on the New York Times, as our effort is to discredit rather than provide either traffic to their website or subscribers to their hard copy version.

Thank you again, and keep up the good fight.


Robert Romano
ALG News Senior Editor

My rejoinder was:

Dear Mr. Romano: Thanks for  your thoughts.  But with a circulation of 800,000, I don't know why conservatives insist on calling the New York Times "mainstream".  Nationally, Libertarian Party candidates (in all races) poll over one million votes.  What makes the Times mainstream and the LP not? By using language like that you're empowering them.  They are not mainstream. They are left wing or Democratic Party media.  As far as their being "influential", they're only influential because the conservatives cross endorse them by calling them mainstream. If only one side pays attention, then they stop being of importance. Do you spend your time debunking the newsletter of the American Federation of Teachers or the Communist Party USA?  If not, why spend time debunking a left-wing propaganda pamphlet like the New York Times?

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