Saturday, September 12, 2009

Joe Wilson Calls President Ocheeseball a Liar

Phil Orenstein has written an excellent blog on Democracy Project in which he calls Joe Wilson (R-SC) "our new hero". No one in the Democratic Party propaganda machine has questioned Mr. Obama's pathological lying. Worse, few Republicans have had the courage or integrity to tell the truth about him. Finally, Wilson has done so: President Ocheeseball is a liar. In the above video he is lying about the immigration provisions in the health care bill and he is lying about the effects of health care rationing on the elderly.

Orenstein says of Wilson:

"as an immigration attorney he pushed for amendments to the healthcare bill that would prevent illegal immigrants from being covered which were shot down by Democrats in the House. The lack of any enforcement mechanism in the bill to prevent illegals from gaining free access to taxpayer subsidized healthcare, makes it an exercise in deception to claim the contrary that the bill doesn’t cover illegals. The Heller amendment to HR 3200 introduced in the Ways and Means committee which would have set up citizenship status verification systems, which are currently used in other public assistance programs, was killed by a party-line vote."

My chief complaint about Wilson is that he did not call President Ocheeseball "liar" loud enough.

(Uh oh, do I hear a Democratic Gestapo agent knocking on my door?...)

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Mitchell Langbert said...

Hellbaby66 e-mailed:

I didn't want to register or I would have added that you can located this information for yourself on page 50, section 152. I don't know what health care proposal the President was making reference to but it's starting to look like he didn't bother to read it at all. Way to go Wilson for making this point!