Sunday, September 13, 2009

Contrairimairi Writes to Fox About Cancellation of Hannity Show Exposing OCheeseball

Contrairimairi sent me a copy of an e-mail she had sent to Fox concerning cancellation of a show that was to expose President OCheeseball. I reproduce it in its virtuous entirety. Mairi is from Chicago and has been skeptical of OCheeseball since his senatorial days. I must say that I dropped Fox along with most other news outlets when they failed to tell the truth about the bailouts and the economic wealth transfers to Wall Street last year. Also, the ongoing deception about the Federal Reserve Bank and the large subsidies paid annually to the money center banks and Wall Street have not been covered. Hence, there is no important media in the United States, including Fox.

>Dear FOX,

I am an American. I am a simple person, who expects to receive news that is appropriate, truthful, and relevant. I expect that those who deliver that news will do so with all honesty and integrity.

It seems that FOX is a dying breed, and one of the last venues where Americans can even HOPE to be informed as mentioned. Unfortunately for all Americans, however, FOX is also caving in to "adjusting" the news for the masses, and only delivering news that falls into a category "allowed", apparently, by "the powers that be".

Recently, Sean Hannity promised to deliver a hard hitting program on Barack. We soon found out it was canceled just hours before it's air time. Some of us, more fortunate than others, have, through the miracle of the Internet, been able to view that program. I have to admit, I was a bit dismayed that it was mostly just a rehash of things already well-known. The important thing, however, is that it was "pulled". WHY?

Fox claims to be the "fair and balanced" alternative to the MSM, but in all actuality, it appears FOX is also caving in to a "higher authority" somewhere, who is calling all the shots on ALL of the media.

We know that "marching orders" and threats were imposed on EVERY media outlet in this Country regarding the birth certificate (B/C) issue. Personally, I could see FOX skirting the B/C issue, and STILL delivering an honest case for just "eligibility" based on Papa O being a British Subject. Barack himself admitted this, why can't FOX just reiterate Barack's own claim? Forget the B/C, all it proves is whether or not Barack was a citizen, EVER. We just don't need it to prove he is ineligible by his own words!

Why not produce an honest segment exposing Barack's website (still held by many in screen captures!) and the truth as admitted by the usurper himself?

I am sick of O'Reilly's disingenuous ridicule of Americans who KNOW the single, most important threat to this Country at this time, IS Barack! He sits in OUR White House, a usurper, untouched by the media due to threats. The answer is so simple. Expose him with his own words, and his own admissions on his own Internet website. It's not a difficult maneuver. You don't need to make a call for any B/C. It is NOT necessary.

Why not bring Mario Apuzzo to appear on FOX as one who has ostensibly shown that Barack very likely is STILL a dual citizen with allegiances to BOTH the U.S. ( that is, IF he was born here!) and Great Britain. I understand that Orly Taitz is not the most rational interview as she becomes easily frazzled. Americans LOVE her for her tenacity, interview Mario Apuzzo instead.

Many FOX viewers are right now engaged in a battle with FOX advertisers, who are being used by fringe left-wingers, and supporters of a self-professed communist, anarchist, and felon, Van Johnson (green czar). I believe we will win this battle for these advertisers who are being manipulated in an attack against Glenn Beck. We do, however, expect a ROI for our efforts. FOX must come clean on the eligibility issue. There is no other issue more vital to America's continued existence as a "Representative Republic". "Pick the target, (Barack) freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." Make this his own war on himself! The American public continue to look to you for honesty and integrity, but we are growing weary in our wait.

Never again claim to be "fair and balanced" or "lookin' out for the folks", if you do not fulfill those claims. As well you know from your own reporting on the groundswell now underway in this great Nation, you can either come with us, or be left behind, but one way or another, the truth will out, and Barack will be on the outside looking in. Americans will NEVER give up until our White House is returned to us!
Looking forward to seeing you Sept. 12th. Hope by then, you will have received our message loud and clear, and will FINALLY give us what we want.......OUR WHITE HOUSE!

GOD's Speed in your efforts to catch up with the rest of us,
Contrairi Mairi

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