Sunday, September 13, 2009

Andy Martin's Back--And He's Ticked

I just picked up this e-mail from Andy Martin. He's running for Senator and he's celebrating the anti-Obama rally in Washington! My bone to pick with Andy--stop calling them "mainstream" media. They're not mainstream and they're not media. "Propagandists", "Democratic Party organs" or the like are more appropriate. We are living in a post-New York Times world. As I wrote to my colleague Robert Cherry, does anyone actually care what the New York Times says any more? Do they still exist?

Andy's right about the Republicans. We need to build the GOP up from the roots. The thousands in Washington are a grand beginning.

>Andy Martin says Barack Obama's "dynasty" is already beginning to crumble
Good riddance to Bad Obama, Martin says
Andy predicted Obama's disintegration in his bestselling book


(CHICAGO)(September 13, 2009) Tens or even hundreds of thousands of protesters demonstrating in Washington, DC? The New York Times reported "The magnitude of the rally took authorities by surprise..."

What's the surprise?
The counter-revolution has begun.

On February 10, 2007 my Internet newspaper, produced the first psychological profile of Barack Obama. Among other conclusions, we stated "He learned to avoid conflict, not fight...inside he will still be the pied piper of powerlessness...his default state of mind, is to evade, conceal, avoid-and escape...his approach to dealing with his adversaries will ultimately come to be seen as weak." (You can read our complete psychological profile in the book "Obama: The Man behind The Mask," to buy see below).

Saturday, an Op-Ed columnist in the New York Times echoed our nearly three-year-old analysis: "[T]he political environment in which he must operate...requires a fighter. But I'm not sure that that's this president."

Well, now we know.

The tens or hundreds of thousands of FreedomWorks and "Tea Party" protesters in Washington Saturday sealed Obama's fate. The protesters came to Washington to make history. And they did. Not since the biblical Joshua's horn brought down the walls of Jericho has a decline been so painfully public. Obama said in 2007 he was part of the "Joshua Generation." In reality he is a Joshua-in-reverse. Joshua conquered through faith; Obama lacks faith and is being slaughtered.

Obama was "talking tough" last Wednesday. But is he tough? Charles Blow and I agree. Barry O is, well, Barry O. He may be the titular commander-in-chief, and offer limp salutes to his Marine helicopter crew. But Obama is no commander.

Democrats have done it again. They elected a wuss.

Barack Obama was a bold warrior as long as he had George W. Bush to run against. But Bush is long gone. Bush's legacy? He left Obama behind.

In Afghanistan, Democrats are already crafting a cut-and-run scenario. Iraq? We're outta there. And so it goes. The sun is temporarily setting on the American Empire.

Our economy? Obama will leave us in rags. The dollar? Shredded. Employment? Burger flipping, anyone? Obama is setting us to become a wholly-owned subsidiary of China, Inc.

OK, enough Obama bashing.

Where does that leave the Republicans?

The Republican Party is still disorganized and disoriented. We lack a credible national leader. Sadly, the "survivors" of last year's electoral debacle were the "Beltway Bandits" in Congress who seek to amass more and more campaign contributions, cater more and more to special interests, and leave the party ideologically sundered.

The amorality of the Beltway Bandits ensures that the national Republican Party will remain adrift despite Obama's decline. Do you remember when Republicans were the majority? When Karl Rove said there was a "permanent majority?" Try to remember.

Scarily, there is no Republican Party to catch Humpty Dumpty Obama's fall. There is no safety net. Perilous times are ahead.

During the Clinton years we had a weak executive and a strong (Republican) congress. And Clinton still got it wrong on major foreign policy issues. Republicans owned all the real estate during most of the Bush years, and they made a mess of the Republic.

Is it any wonder that ordinary people are disgusted? That FreedomWorks and Tea Party protesters have taken to the streets to say "enough?"

It's no surprise to me. I wrote the book on Obama. In 2007.


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