Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Contrairimairi Asks "Why?"

>Brett was sitting in for Britt on FOX Report yesterday, and mentioned the B/C issue again! He stated correctly that the Donofrio case was dismissed, but that there was yet another case pending, and several more would soon follow. He actually gave a brief synopsis, and I have looked to see if a video of the show is out there, but it isn't.
I don't understand why it comes up on the fox report, and none of the major anchors' shows?
Did anyone else catch the show?

I haven't watched Fox News for a while. I noticed that O'Reilly's interview of Barack Obama during the election campaign consisted mainly of O'Reilly avoiding asking questions about:

-the Chicago sludge machine and its potential impact on the presidency
-why Obama was associated with left wing extremists
-Obama's early life, his dual citizenship

Given that Fox failed to function as a news source in October, I am not surprised that its announcers play games in December. My question to Mairi is: "Why watch televsion news?"

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