Saturday, December 20, 2008

Andy Martin, RNC Question Obama's Links to Blago

Prairiepundit posts this RNC video (h/t Larwyn):

Andy Martin adds in an e-mailed press release:

"...we told you that Obama's role in Blagogate smelled, and we christened the growing scandal "Obamagate." In a major development on Tuesday, which was not reported by any of the Chicago papers but appeared only in the New York Times, Obama was "rope-a-doping" again with the facts.

"Obama's claim that he had "not confirmed" whether Rahm Emanuel presented a list of names to Governor Blagojevich is a joke. Obama's weasel words are going to land him in the dumpster.

"In his first "crisis" as a national leader, Obama has lied about 'what he knew and when he knew it,' and engaged in a pathetic Nixonian-style cover-up about the involvement of his own staff. He thinks he's cute. In the end. Obama will be the architect of his own downfall. 'Barry the Liar' is desperately trying to ride this one out. We won't let him.

"In the meantime, is almost always first with cutting edge facts and analysis of Blagogate and Obamagate. Keep it here. We'll be there for you. With over forty years of experience fighting and exposing corruption, we've written the book on Barack Obama's ties to the cesspools and sewers of Chicago and Illinois politics."

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