Saturday, December 20, 2008

Andy Martin on "Obamagate"


(CHICAGO)(December 18, 2008) Last week Internet Powerhouse law professor Andy Martin attacked Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan for filing a frivolous petition with the Illinois Supreme Court and seeking to use the court as a vehicle to peremptorily remove Governor Rod Blagojevich from office. Martin, a constitutional scholar, petitioned the Supreme Court to deny Madigan's attempt to remove the governor through the judicial process. (Martin's pleadings are posted on the Internet at his blogs, see below.)

This week the court agreed with Martin and accepted Martin's interpretation of the Illinois Constitution.

The crusading Illinois corruption fighter continues to demand that Rahm Emanuel step down from any role in an Obama White House: "The stench of Obamagate is spreading," Martin says. "When will 'Barry O' face the inevitable and dump Emanuel? We at are continuing to provide the cutting edge commentary and analysis of 'Blagogate,' which we have identified as morphing into 'Obamagate.' We are focusing attention on Obama's role in the scandal as the 'man behind the curtain,' in the words of Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass."

Although the political maneuvering continues in Springfield, Martin is expected to be the "corruption fighting candidate" in any special election to replace Obama.

"Each day another small piece of the Obamagate puzzle drips out," Andy states. "Today's Sun-Times reports that Rahm Emanuel did indeed speak to Governor Rod Blagojevich himself, to negotiate a successor for Obama's seat. Well?,CST-NWS-rahm18good.article

"Emanuel is involved in Blagogate up to his neck. And Obama is involved in Obamagate up to his neck, because it is obvious he is orchestrating a massive cover-up of his manipulation, using the U.S. Attorney's office as a beard. U. S. Attorney Fitzgerald should not allow his office to be used in this manner, because he is also slowly being drawn into the machinations of Obamagate, with obvious implications for a conflict of interest.

"There was some confusion last week as to why I would defend Rod Blagojevich. First, as a matter of policy I do not defend individuals in the public arena. I was defending the Illinois Constitution by seeking to prevent Lisa Madigan's misuse of the Constitution. She and her father are acting as a team of attack dogs. That's not the way the legal system should operate. Daddy and daughter have obvious conflicts of interest. Lisa Madigan's brazen publicity ploy in filing a frivolous petition with the court backfired.

"Second, I was repulsed by the lynch mob atmosphere fostered by the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune and other media. Under our system, even a guilty man is entitled to a defense. 'Audi alteram partem' is an ancient common law doctrine, Caritativo v. California, 357 U.S. 549, 558, 78 S. Ct. 1263 (1958)(Frankfurter, Douglas, Brennan, JJ, dissenting) The newspapers were calling for the Governor's scalp without regard to a full and impartial review of the facts. We don't throw shoes in America; we are supposed to be wedded to civility and due process.

"Third, Barry Obama was obviously involved in Blagogate. His people were wheeling and dealing with Blagojevich. Obama is completely responsible for the subsequent cover-up, which we now call 'Obamagate.' This is a classic example of the kind of president Mr. Obama is going to be: scheming, evasive, manipulative and mendacious.
"If Barack Obama has a shred of integrity left, he should stop hiding behind the U.S. Attorney, whom he is also going to taint in due course, and tell the truth and nothing but the truth about his role and Emanuel's role in Blagogate. The 'Chicago Way' of cover-up and corruption will not work in the White House. He must tell the truth. Today.

"It's time for the media to end their 'Obamadaze' and demand that Obama stop playing games with the truth."

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