Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pamela Geller Buries Fox

Nancy Razik has forwarded Pamela Geller's excellent analysis of the deterioration of Fox News following, according to Geller, the Saudi government's purchase of six per cent of its stock. Based on its coverage of the "bailout" and its non-coverage of Federal Reserve Bank policy, I have viewed Fox as a standing joke for some time. O'Reilly offers two viewpoints, the Progressive, and the progressive, and then splits the difference. He uses a middle-sized "p". Then he tells his viewers he's "fair" because he split the difference.

I stopped watching television news some time ago and limit my news consumption to blogs, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal. Television news, specifically including Fox, is a joke, as are the vast majority of American news sources. America's newspapers deserve to go under, and I will dance on their collective grave when they do.

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