Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jeffrey R. Golin Interviewed on BBS Radio

Jeffrey Golin, father of Nancy Golin, who suffers from autism, was interviewed on BBS radio for one hour on December 20, 2007. The interview is available in the upper right hand corner of the Free Nancy website. I have previously blogged about Nancy's case here. Santa Clar County had taken Nancy from her family and the Golins allege mistreatment on several levels.

Jeffrey Golin has just sent the following e-mail:

"Dear Friends and Supporters:

"Attorney David J. Beauvais and I appeared on December 20, 2007 on the Dr. Rebecca Carley show on BBS internet radio, Channel 2, for an hour long interview concerning our case including it's serious and growing national legal implications for special needs children, seniors and foster kids in these troubled times. It was a terrific show, we had great thoughtful callers and we had a fantastic host. I know many of you will be interested in listening and forming your own opinions.

"I have now uploaded a link to an archive file for the show to my web page for those of you inclined to hear it, which you can find at my home page, . You can find the link on the upper right text box. Right now I have not mastered the trick for linking it directly for listening, but you can follow the instructions by right-clicking "save target as" to your desktop and opening from your desktop. You will need an mp3 player, which most of you have already downloaded free.

"Anyone with questions or support for our cause, this is the time to come forward and help while there is still a chance to turn back this tide. If any of you have difficulty in linking to the program please tell me as soon as possible so I can fix the problem."

Jeffrey R. Golin
P.O. Box 14153
Fremont, CA 94539

I will blog about the recent legal decision concerning the Golins and the radio interview in the near future.


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